Monday, 8 September 2014

Summer snow from cottonwood trees

In the USA the term Cottonwood Tree is commonly known and because of the high concentration of trees their windblown seeds will cause significant debris.

What is less well known is that the spawns its seed from catkins which create a summer snow of fluffy seedlings which can completely carpet the local area. For images of this seemingly delightful natural occurrence please check see .

Like all snows, this cottonwood seed is great when it first arrives and then you realise just how much it is interfering with your life.

It gets everywhere!

Because it is windblown, it has no respect for boundaries and can be found on the street, the roof and even in the basement. It is not that difficult to get rid of with a brush or vacuum.

That is unless it is sucked into your air intake plant. 

•    Once it hits the cooling coils it will begin to reduce energy efficiency by forming a thermal blanket over the coil face.
•    In cooling towers it enters the fill, decays and creates a biological sludge to feed bacteria.
•    And finally, it is sucked into all AHU filters to reduce airflow and changeover times.

Cottonwood seed is one of nature’s marvels and looks great in the right place but not so good when it is costing you time, energy and money. 

There is a simple and innovative solution.

Instead of drawing all of the cottonwood seed into your air movement plant allow it to be captured by a Permatron PreVent® air intake filter screen.

This unique product can be fitted to any size or shape of air intake and provides an electrostatic filter with minimal effect on airflow.  Now, when you want to clean your coils, you just vacuum or hose down the filter. It can even extend filter life by up to 60%.

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