Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Air intake screens - price and value

Price vs Value for Money

If the product is the same why is there such a difference in price?

This is a question that I get asked frequently by UK clients wanting to invest in air intake screens.

On the one hand you have a product manufactured by a filter manufacturer.

The Permatron AIr Intake SCreen Factory
Permatron Factory

On the other you have a product supplied by another company in the USA.

Air Solution Company
Another company

Spot the difference? 
That is why the Permatron PreVent® product is so competitive against similar offerings in the UK.

  • Permatron have a factory in the centre of Elk Grove Village, one of the largest industrial complexes in North America.
  • They have been manufacturing filters since 1957 and supply the US, Canadian and Mexican markets via a huge distributor network.
  • Original equipment manufacturers buy in large volumes from Permatron.
  • They run a sophisticated manufacturing process and yet can easily adapt to produce small runs.
  • Elk Grove Village is adjacent to O’Hare International Airport which is a major hub for both national and international traffic.
  • Consignments are packed & shipped with low transport costs thus reducing the impact on unit value.
  • All consignments for Europe and the Middle East are routed through the RABSE network.

 And what does this mean?

  • Volume purchasing and manufacturing expertise = reduced cost.
  • Minimal shipping and transportation = reduced cost.
  • No sub contracted or 3rd party input to the manufacturing process = reduced cost.
  • Expert shipping logistics with negotiated rates = reduced cost.


This is the reason why the same product can be sold at two different prices. 

One which is fair and reasonable. And the other?

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