Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fan coil filters - a new way to do it

In an extract taken from a manufacturer catalogue the fan coil filter is described as

A low resistance non‐woven polyester filter media which may be vacuumed to remove dust particles. They are widely used in air conditioning units, fan coil systems, warm air furnaces, refrigeration, counters and electronic equipment cabinets.
They are also often used to protect heat exchanger coils from dust, carpet fluff etc.
Additionally, these filters may also be used as a pre filter to protect higher grade filters further downstream.
The product is manufactured by sewing the synthetic media onto a pre‐formed copper coated wire frame that has cross braces attached as necessary. The product is light, compact & simple to use. It may be lightly vacuum cleaned or washed if required, however, due to its low replacement cost, it is generally considered to be disposable.

Although the filter can be vacuumed to remove dust particles it is unlikely that it will return to its initial resistance level of 10Pa at 1.5m/sec.  Gradual compaction of finer dust particles reduces the efficiency and increases the energy used to draw air through the filter.This increased demand affects the low power motors and causes increased failure rates.

In a recent trial we fitted the RABScreen U section flexible filter. It was located on the existing filter framework with a vinyl border and Velcro® fixing. 

This filter was easy to fit as it was specifically manufactured to suit the opening of 235x1750. 

There were some signifcant advantages too:

  1. Electrostatic during airflow giving higher particulate capture
  2. Reduced resistance (8.5Pa at 2.0m/sec.)
  3. Fully washable
  4. Media guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years
  5. Easier to vacuum clean
  6. Reduced environmental impact (filter disposal)
  7. Reduced administration and storage cost (one purchase every 5-10 years)

There is one small disadvantage however. 

The RABScreen is more expensive than basic polyester media but over the course of 5-10 years it will pay dividends for you. 

RABScreen external filtration now provides a solution to air intake debris, contaminated coils and clogged cooling tower sumps. RABScreens improve efficiency and save money.

For details of the external protection provided by RABScreen view our website or call 01635 248633 for a free site survey.

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