Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Rags to Riches Tour

Although this sounds like a misnomer for a highly expensive batch of rock band tour dates it was a name that myself, and my colleague Glenn Stevenson, recently used to describe our surveys of equipment on NHS estates.  

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Our NHS, and I use that term globally, is struggling.

Some of this is related to the incredible cost of drugs and advanced equipment needed to maintain the health of an increasingly older population.

With a planned expenditure for 2015/16 of £116.574bn and over 1.388 million staff employed in 2014 it is a large animal to feed and HVAC represents some of that cost as energy prices continue to rise and equipment maintenance becomes difficult to do with reduced members of staff caused by cost cutting.

That is why each and every one of us should be doing our bit to minimise the expense of running this massive organisation.

The Rags to Riches Tour presents a previously unknown product to the NHS Estates and their engineering departments. This product is RABScreens external air intake filter which can be used by NHS Estates to reduce contamination, extend filter life, reduce energy consumption and improve maintenance by reducing time expended.

It is a win, win, win for all NHS Trusts because it is saving money, money, money.

For every piece of plant that RABScreens protect the NHS Trust will: 
  • Reduce energy cost 
  • Improve efficiency 
  •  Reduce maintenance time 
  • Improve labour efficiency. 
Obviously we are talking about a lot of relatively small value savings. 

That is why we at RABScreens have called it the Rags to Riches tour. Installations can cost as little as 500kgs of surgical rags and yet provide an ROI of less than 6 months in most cases.

Unlike the rags, RABScreen external filters will last for 10 years and continue saving money for all of that time. If you don’t believe it then talk to us about a free trial today.

Glenn Stevenson (glenn@rabscreen.com)
Richard Betts (richard@rabscreen.com)

Or call 01635 248633 and speak to one of the team just waiting for your call. 

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  1. Four more Trusts take up the RABScreen idea with our distributors picking off the Midlands and North East. Money saving ideas for NHS Trusts and Property Services by RABScreen.