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Maintenance of Cooling Coils

If you research maintenance procedures for your cooling coils you will see that ALL specialists recommend regular cleaning of the fins for both energy management and efficiency of system operation.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils by Thermacon 
While knowing how to clean air conditioner evaporator coils comes in handy, remember that the best prevention for dirty coils is purchasing a quality system air filter and changing it regularly. During cooling season, monthly changes are a good idea. 

Get to know the evaporator coil by Air Experts
Because of the way they operate, evaporator and condenser coils both need to be kept clean to perform as intended and reach optimal energy efficiency. A dirty evaporator coil can experience a number of problems, including:
  • Impaired heat absorption and cooling capacity
  • Higher energy use
  • Higher pressures and temperatures
  • Frost and ice buildup
Even a fine layer of dust on the evaporator coil reduces its efficiency. The dust acts as an insulator, keeping the heat in and the air away from the cold coils. That means the coil can’t absorb as much heat as it can when clean. Your system will then have to run longer to provide the indoor temperature you want, which means it will use more energy.

Chiller and coil manufacturing companies obviously recognise the benefits of protecting their coils which is why a number of proprietary coatings are now available. One of the better known products is Blygold and they state:

Heat exchangers are subject to severe corrosion because of their construction, which usually combines dissimilar metals, and because of polluted air passing through them. Corrosion and pollution will directly affect the performance of the air conditioning system. 

A lot of the corrosion is caused by the aggressive nature of the cleaning chemicals used by service technicians in an effort free up the airways between the fins. 

The problem with a coating is that it does not get to the root of the problem “polluted air passing through them”

Some manufacturers supply the Coil Filter Guard which is composed of expanded metal cloth sandwiched between two layers of rigid metal netting in a sheet metal frame.
These are easily clogged and difficult to clean but do at least afford some kind of protection. 

RABScreens working with a lot of chiller manufacturers and this is why we now supply and install the air intake filter screen (or RABScreen) on ALL air movement plant. Located in the air stream directly in front of the heat exchanger it prevents polluted air passing through the fins. It can be used on a PC, a chiller, a generator intake or even a drag line excavator. 

Specifically designed for high volume air flow and maximum particulate captivity this is the modern answer to an old problem. 

For further details please take a closer look at our website or visit RABScreen TV on YouTube.

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