Saturday, 17 October 2015

A discussion with Leslye Sandberg concerning Permatron Filtration Solutions

What is the unique selling proposition of Permatron?

Permatron has the shortest lead times in the air filtration industry with a focus on quality and cost effectiveness.  Permatron has the ability to meet and exceed just in time (JIT) schedules from a variety of customers. This could be a custom design for a new cooling tower installation or a rush order from an OEM or overseas client.   

Do you manufacture electrostatic air intake filters?

Permatron pioneered the first washable equipment protection filters in 1957, and is the leading designer and manufacturer of washable filtration worldwide.  From high dirt load panel filters to air intake filter screens, our designs are customized for all types of equipment such as cooling towers, evaporative coolers, electronics enclosures, refrigeration cases both portable and installed, chillers, economizers, PTAC and fan coil units, circular fans, vent diffusers, transportation, compressors, food service, medical and telecommunications.

What innovative solutions have you brought to the HVAC market?

There are a number of patented products in the line including the PreVent® wrap around and several magnetic filters. Our better known brands include DustEater®, DustPlus®, LifeStyle Plus®, PermaCool®, DuraLoft®, PermaFlo®, HailStop® and PreVent®.  Permatron’s unique Accumulator Chamber® filter construction sets us apart from many look-alike competitors, and continues to be manufactured the same way since their initial introduction in 1957. 

How do you come up with your new designs?

Onsite design and build capabilities, combined with a long history of air filtration expertise allow us to stay at the forefront of new opportunities in product innovation.  We design and manufacture air filter components to meet the growing needs of our customers so that they can be integrated and performance matched for any type of equipment protection application.

Are you restricted by size or type of filter?

No, we offer many styles, densities, number of layers and types of media depending upon the air flow restrictions and desired filtering efficiency. Our ability to design and manufacture customized air filters is key to Permatron’s longtime success. 

Do you have a distribution network?

Yes, our products are sold nationally and internationally through distributors and engineering partners.  RAB Specialist Engineers Limited is our UK distributor and application design partner.In the UK and Europe the Permatron filter is known as a RABScreen. 
Where is your factory?

Made in America, our products are not outsourced for production.  Our manufacturing facility and office is located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  Our on-site expertise includes sales team members that are Certified Air Filtration Specialists, toll-free technical and warranty support, and quality control by a skilled manufacturing team.  We run an ISO compliant production program which is a tool for manufacturing from the time of order placement through to final shipment.    

What makes Permatron different?
Permatron’s product design and manufacturing capabilities are backed by 58 years of air filtration expertise.  As a past president of the National Air Filtration Association (responsible for worldwide air filtration best practices and guidelines), with current participation on the NAFA Technical Committee and ASHRAE 52.2 Committee (responsible for worldwide air filtration testing standards), Permatron’s leadership maintains active participation in the latest air filtration standards and industry knowledge.

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