Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Don't clog up the system

Prevention is better than cure as they say, or in industrial maintenance terms condition monitoring is more effective than failure maintenance. 

Costly HVAC equipment can be correctly maintained while reducing expensive maintenance schedules, simply by fitting the unique RABScreen external filter.

Businesses are wasting thousands of pounds each year due to inefficient air-handling systems that require replacement or frequent maintenance. This can have significant cost implications for any business’s profitability.

For every 1,000 tonnes of refrigeration capacity, consuming 750kW of compressor energy, an additional £31.50 per hour or £63,000 per annum is incurred from inefficient systems. Higher operating pressures and temperatures will occur if airhandling equipment is required to use more energy and operate for longer cycle times in order to maintain normal operating levels.

Well-maintained equipment costs less to operate, ensures optimal life expectancy and maximises energy efficiencies. Furthermore, ensuring that your HVAC equipment delivers consistent high-level performance alleviates the need for unnecessary servicing and warranty claims.

Fitting external RABScreen filters to existing and new HVAC systems will help prevent expensive repairs. RABScreen filters work by protecting existing prefiltration devices, and also in those areas where traditional filters are not practical, such as chillers or cooling towers, from various types of airborne debris. By creating a static charge that attracts and traps airborne particulates, the RABScreen prevents sensitive components such as evaporators and cooling condenser coils from contamination, without restricting airflow through the equipment.

Customised to fit any shape or size of HVAC system intake the RABScreens come with a ten-year warranty and are available with several different fixing methods including Velcro, magnetic framework and self-tapping screws.

With reduced maintenance schedules and repair costs, RAB Specialist Engineers estimates that the filter screens will pay for themselves in less than eight months.

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RAB Specialist Engineers Limited. 
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