Thursday, 7 April 2016

A no fix fixing from RABScreen

for a no fix fixing to protect your equipment

rabscreen air intake magna mount

After considerable research and testing, Permatron in Chicago have developed the unique MagnaMount™ drop tab fitting. This now eliminates the risk of damage to cooling coils or other equipment from drills or screws. 

Anyone can fit a RABScreen air protection screen without the need for tools. 

Eliminating the need to drill into equipment, MagnaMount™ mount clips contain a powerfully strong neodymium “earth” magnet that sticks to metal surfaces, allowing them to be repositioned as needed. Non-metallic surface installations are also easy with the addition of the press on steel plate adapter containing high bond, high tensile strength tape adhesive permanently affixed to surface. (Model #MountPlate)

Independently tested for use in outside environment - passed 120 hours (60 months/5 years) NSS Testing – ASTM B117 (Outside environment definitions: Temperature -25 to 55 C, RH 40%-90% No salt water/corrosive)

In any application (metallic or non-metallic) you can now reduce fitting time to a  minimum, remove the potential for  damage by unskilled labour and protect all of your air intakes simply and effectively. 

All we need are the fixing points centre to centre and your RABScreen with MagnaMount™ no fix fixings will be supplied.

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