Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How do you fit a RABScreen™ the industry standard air intake screen?

You could use the standard drop tab or twist lock fitting. This involves drilling two pilot holes per tab and can be risky when installing around chiller coils. You need to use a good fridge engineer to make it safe which is what we always do.

Alternatively, you could use a smaller grommet and self-drilling stitching screws. Again you need to be careful as it is too easy for inexperienced fabricators to puncture a coil. 

You might want to try the aluminium profile T Track option but that is outdated and time consuming. 

We have magnetic metallic frames, Velcro vinyl border frames, 9.5mm and 6.5mm stainless steel grommets in a stitched vinyl border, Kanya aluminium rigid profile frames and now the MagnaMount™. 

The MagnaMount™ is a real deal breaker. No more specialised labour, no drilling or screwing just measure the opening and fit your RABScreen™. And with the MagnaMount™  Mount Plate it can be used on non-magnetic surfaces as well. 

This makes large or small intakes perfect for protection by a quality electrostatic product with an ROI of less than 6 months. 

Why consider a single fixing option when we can design, manufacture and supply a filter exactly how you need it. The unit below had extended pipework which would have been easily damaged by a screw or drill. The supporting uprights are in the way and so we designed a perfect solution for this large paper mill. 


  • Vinyl border at the top with stitched in magnetic strip.
  • Plain vinyl border at the bottom.
  • Cut outs to avoid the uprights.
  • MagnaMount™ fittings on 9.5mm grommets to both sides. 

There is no other company in the USA or UK that can provide an air intake screen like this. 

So, how do you fit a RABScreen™. Easily.

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