Friday, 17 June 2016

Cooling tower protection

The above picture shows a cooling tower installation. 

It is a Carter Environmental Sandringham unit with a 48 inch Flakt Woods air intake fan.

This factory produces paper products which are trimmmed and the waste is sent to a nearby compactor. Unfortunately some of the fines end up on the floor and the grass verge is very close to the inlet.


Grass pollen, insects, grass seed, grass clippings, road dust and paper fines all being sucked into the sump by the 48 inch (approximately 1219mm) diameter fan.


More sludge, more disinfectant, more cleaning.


The installation of a 3-D circular RABScreen to the fan guard and protect the intake from the debris.

The RABScreen needs cleaning every two weeks. The debris is highly visible and was originally turning into a nutrient source for bacteria. Now it is simply brushed  off.

Keith the Maintenance Engineer for Cotek Papers said "this is the best thing I have ever bought and it is so easy to clean".

RABScreen - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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