Friday, 3 June 2016

Datacentre efficiency

Data centres are responsible for well over 2% of the total electricity consumption worldwide and it makes you ask why they are not investing in air intake protection. 

Roel Castelein, marketing chair of the Green Grid, stated in a recent news article:

“Only 29% of data centres appear to have any semblance of a reliable system by which management can measure the relative energy performance”.

Castelein also states that all (data centres)

“are concerned about the bottom line”

and points out that

“data centre operators can incorporate measures to increase energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability”.

We have visited a many datacentre sites with a view to protecting their cooling plant from airborne debris. 

Depending upon the load and N+ specification, a datacentre will have many identical units all requiring regular maintenance to proof the site against unforeseen failure. 

When looking at capital investment on critical plant the major driver must always be energy saving. This can be achieved by using high efficiency motors with infinite control as well as micro fin coils which create a larger surface area for heat dissipation.

Unfortunately, in too many cases the cooling plant is then exposed to the debris of the local environment. Coil clogging is a major consequence and routine cleaning and maintenance can easily damage the fins, reducing surface area and increasing energy demand. 

A RABScreen can be used to prevent this contamination by placing an electrostatic layer between the incoming air and the coil fins. High efficiency particle capture allied with low resistance makes the RABScreen a prefect choice for any Datacentre Manager. 

Until now it has been relatively easy to fit a protective screen onto a coil face. You just need to take a little care and preferably employ a specialist refrigeration engineer to clean and fit. 

The introduction of the new MagnaMount™ has made installation very simple and so there has never been a better time to talk to us about your cooling plant. 

Just call 01635 248633 or email for more information. 

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