Friday, 16 September 2016

RABScreening chiller damage in London

The location of a York chiller serving this iconic location was in a roof top plant area adjacent to the public access roof garden. 

It overlooked the Thames on London’s Southbank and should have been safe.
Although clearly signed as “No Unauthorised Access”, the temptation to enjoy the view of the Palace of Westminster led one or more persons to enter the compound. 

Not satisfied with the view he, or she, then vandalised the York YCAA B 170 and wrote some graffiti on the face of the coil fins. As the chiller was near to the roof garden, anyone in the garden would be able to read the words quite clearly. 

To “write” on the coil was pretty simple.  Just press the aluminium fins inwards to expose the contrasting colour. This caused two problems  

  1. ·         The flattened fins restricted airflow by blocking the airway.
  2. ·         The graffiti could be easily read from the roof garden.

It would be simple to hide the letters by just placing some cardboard or similar over the coil face but the chiller was needed and could not be shut down. The problems were therefore solved by using a RABScreen™. 

Initially the coil was cleaned and the fins were straightened or removed to remove or reduce the  blockages to airflow. 

Two layers of BHC media were encapsulated in a vinyl border as both a visual and particle screen. 

Finally, a layer of patented Permatron Hailguard™ was fixed on the outside to further protect the coil.

We cured two problems with one screen against a fantastic London backdrop. 

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