Friday, 3 February 2017

Dirty or clean - your choice

The following picture is a trial RABScreen air intake filter screen after only 2 weeks on trial. The location was south of the River Thames near to London Bridge.
It is an area where not only is there a lot of traffic, but London Bridge Station is undergoing a major redevelopment.
Intake air to these chillers was also drawing in road and construction dust.

As you can see from the zoom it had got pretty dirty at a time when there was no sticky pollen in the air. The benefit of an electrostatic filter screen is that it attracts airborne debris like iron filings to a magnet or in this case dust to a RABScreen.

This particular sample was used to demonstrate just how easy it is to clean by washing it in our kitchenette basin.

A bowl of warm water and some mild detergent was all that we needed together with a scrubbing or washing up brush. The result? A bowl full of road and construction dust.

And a clean filter!

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